Google Impact Challenge Wish Installation

At the intersection of technology and visual art, the ‘Wish’ installation creates an interactive experience with the use of light projections, motion sensors and sound. It displays all the wishes Australians have submitted online in an atmosphere of magic and hope, where a positive thought is materialised.

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Metastasis (art installation)

Metastasis is an interactive light installation discussing the conflict between personal indulgence and social responsibility.

It utilizes the environmental impact of energy consumption as a conceptual vehicle to express such dichotomy. Pleasure and guilt, beauty and shame are continuously interplayed on na immersive tapestry of entangling light challenging the audience’s role in the experience and questioning its very own raison d’être.

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Media Music For Sony Australia

Client: Sony Australia | Agency: Unko | Music: Philipp Peltz.

VICE via their brand agency Virtue engaged unko to create a collection of looping videos for Sony, aimed at the youth demographic, that skewered everyday truisms of technology in modern life. We conceived and produced seven videos, featuring strangers connecting across the dancefloor, a BMX rider blowing up his laptop through a radness overload, a pair of headphones for your nose, and more.

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The First Dance (short film)

The First Dance reflects the game of attraction and rejection of two different human beings. Do contradictions attract each other or do they reject each other? The first dance provides essential information to this game. The music composed by German musician Philipp Peltz reflects this theme by creating two Piano melodies that cleverly find a way to get along with each other.

Won the second place in the APRA Tropscore film music competition of the Tropfest film festival.
Music: Philipp Peltz


Come to your Census (interactive media)

Working with the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Spinifex have taken data visualization to a unique, eye catching new level through an amazing interactive projection on historic Cadman’s Cottage to promote the release of ABS’ 2011 Census data. More info …

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