Metastasis (art installation)

Metastasis is an interactive light installation discussing the conflict between personal indulgence and social responsibility.

It utilizes the environmental impact of energy consumption as a conceptual vehicle to express such dichotomy. Pleasure and guilt, beauty and shame are continuously interplayed on na immersive tapestry of entangling light challenging the audience’s role in the experience and questioning its very own raison d’être.

The installation is conceived as a dark room inhabited by a parasitical organism embedded into the gallery building. The parasite takes the shape of three squared cauldrons of light energy lined up like glowing windows across one of the walls of the room. The cauldrons do nothing and although some movement can be softly perceived at their surface, it has ultimately no coherence or follows any pattern. The cauldrons stand as sheer beacons of purposeless and wasteful energy spending, burning non-stop for no apparent reason. In the middle of the room, an array of 10 colourful spotlights hangs from the roof, pointing to different directions across the walls of the room.

Dr. Phil

Academic turned artist. PhD in media & communications with a focus on cultural economics. Composer, producer, sound engineer (SAE), DJ. @pinzandpelz, @liifeofficial, @medklangmusik, @skizzofranick