Sculptures By The Sea

In collaboration with Elmar Trefz, Ardrian Hardjono, and the urbanfuture organisation team we designed an interactive light sculpture for Bondi Icebergs dining rooms as part of Australia’s largest outdoor art event, Sculptures By The Sea. The proposal frames an artificial digital landscape within the confines of Bondi icebergs little pool represented through contoured lines. As the user walks, moves or dances on the balcony facing the pool a camera detects your actions and starts distorting the lines leaving patterns and traces of your presence.

In order to accompany the interactive visual impressions, I built a project with MAX and Ableton Live that uses x and y data from the tracking cameras to trigger synthesizers and effects in Ableton live. As a result, subtle melodies and sound effects were triggered and modulated by the visitors’ movements on the balcony.

Ableton MAX/MSP Screenshot
Ableton MAX/MSP Screenshot

Dr. Phil

Academic turned artist. PhD in media & communications with a focus on cultural economics. Composer, producer, sound engineer (SAE), DJ. @pinzandpelz, @liifeofficial, @medklangmusik, @skizzofranick